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Netbeans Memory Monitor - Modul

by Kyrsoft on 20 Nov 2016 with Comments

The Netbeans Memory Monitor is a plugin (add-on modul) for the Netbeans IDE which offers:

  • the continiously dynamic inspection of the Netbeans IDE's memory consumption
  • the automatic and manual forced execution of garbage collection for the Netbeans IDE
  • the showup of a setable warn memory indication message for the Netbeans IDE
  • the individual settup of the Memory Monitors sampling rate
  • the logging of the actually used heap Memory to the Netbeans output window
  • to customize it's options and used colors

Installation and Usage Documentation

The Memory Monitor documentation is available separately inside this distribution, open and read the files Readme.html and memmon.html from inside the doc directory by using your favorite web browser.



This Netbeans Memory Monitor Modul has been tested with versions of Netbeans 8.1 and 8.2 running under Windows 7 and 10. This version might not work with earlier Netbeans versions.


File Size Date
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You may have to restart the Netbeans IDE several times and alter the Memory Monitor Options settings once, before the Memory Monitor window will load and show up this monitor correctly. After several Netbeans IDE restarts the monitor window should show and run the monitor!

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