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ImageSplitUp and ImageMergeUp - Little Java Image Splitter and Merger tools

by Kyrsoft on 14 Nov 2016 with Comments

ImageSplitUp is a tool for splitting up an Image, via an adjustable grid, into a number of equally sized image items. Almost like a mosaic.

ImageMergeUp is the companion tool to ImageSplitUp for merging previously splitted up images back into a single normal one.

These tools have been build in Java, thus they need an installed Java 8 Runtime Environment on your Computer in order to run. Their UIs (user interfaces) and help systems have been localized for English and German languages.



ImageSplitUp and ImageMergeUp have been tested with Java 8 JRE versions under Windows 7 and 10. They should also work properly on other platforms.


File Size Date
1.31 MB


However that the UI (user interface) and help system of these Java-based tools are actually just localized for the German and English languages and that you will need at least an installed Java 8 Runtime Environment on your Windows, Apple or Linux computer, in order to run these tools!

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