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CmsWriter - A Java Markdown Extra Text Editor

by Kyrsoft on 09 Aug 2014 with Comments

CmsWriter is a Java-based standalone offline Markdown extra editor, which is meant as a local alternative to browser based online CMS editors and the like.

Some of the CmsWriter features are:

  • loading and storing of markdown article drafts in text based files on the local computer
  • helps to write/insert/remove markdown extra tags and HTML for text drafts easily
  • has support of unlimited undo and redo for text editing
  • offers quick turnaround keyboard shortcuts for the most common used markdown tags
  • offers search, replace and goto line editor capabilities for navigation in longer text documents
  • supports actual line and bracket matching highlighting
  • shows line number, typed in word and character count on it's status line
  • has a own build-in preview splitview component for previewing markdown extra in a formated manner
  • can also show up a generated HTML preview in the systems default webbrowser
  • offers an english and german localized UI



CmsWriter has been tested with Java 8 JRE versions under Windows 7 and Vista. It should also work properly on other platforms.


File Size Date
1.33 MB


The articles posted on this Kyrsoft webblog CMS, have been written with the help of this CmsWriter editor tool.

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