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atntrans v1.0 - command-line interface (CLI) tool released

by Kyrsoft on 03 Aug 2017 with Comments

Atntrans is a command-line user interface (CLI) version of the ATN Action Translator. It offers the same basic functionality as it's ATN Action Translator GUI counterpart, but is intended to be used from a command shell instead. There are versions for both platforms Mac OS X and Windows of Atntrans available.

The Atntrans help screen looks like the following:

Usage: atntrans --help

atntrans {OPTIONS}

This program translates Photoshop action files via search/replace rules.


  -h, --help                        show this help screen
  -v, --version                     show the program version
  --lenient-le                      use lenient little-endian strings
  * Required arguments: *
  -i[file], --input=[file]          the action file to translate
  -o[file], --output=[file]         the resulting translated action file
  -r[file], --rules=[file]          the rule file to read defined rules from

Example: atntrans -i file.atn -r file.rul -o newfile.atn

The Atntrans program needs and uses predefined translation rules from a text based rule file for the translation process. Since it shares one and the same rule-format with the Atn Action Translator GUI program, it can reuse rule files which were created with the Atn Action Translator. - But you can also easily create your own rule files just with a plain text editor instead.

A short description of the used rule format

A rule is defined as one text line with three semicolon separated entries, namely a true or false bool flag, a searchstring and a replacestring. The rule line is terminated by one line ending, just like common lines in a text file.

Rule files usually are defined to contain a sequence of such text lines, where every line then defines a rule. Thus we call a text file with several rule lines a rules file. A rule file with four defined rules (four text lines, each with three semicolon separated entries) looks like this:


Here a true value at the start of a line indicates here that a rule line will be taken into account and used during translation processing. A false value entry rule line will not be processed and thus ommitted. This allows to control which rules should be used or passed over for an individual action file translation during the processing.

NOTE: That the Atn Action Translator - OSX GUI version internally uses 1 and 0 as bool flags for it's rule editor, instead of true and false! - Thus the atntrans tool can also handle those alternate bools 1 and 0 for OSX, in order to reuse also rule-files created with the rule editor of the Atn Action Translator - OSX GUI version.

Atntrans OSX and Win version downloads

  • The Atntrans - OS X executable has been build on a Mac OS X El Capitan system.
  • The Atntrans - Win executable has been build on a Windows 10 PC system.
  • This Atntrans - command-line interface (CLI) tool is only localized in English.
  • There are man pages for the program usage and the rule-format enclosed inside the distribution.
  • Installation: Just extract the whole atntrans-v1.0-xxx folder contents of the distribution ZIP-file to a desired place on your Mac or Windows computer (usually /usr/local/ or some /usr/tmp folder). Make sure you have OS X El Capitan or newer installed on your Mac computer or Windows 10 on your PC and then run the atntrans application.
  • To uninstall: Just remove/delete the whole initially extracted atntrans-v1.0-xxx folder and the atntrans program from your computer.

If you like and have a need for it, you can give Atntrans - OS X / Win a try and download it here ...

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NOTE: That the CLI (command-line user interface) of these OSX and Win versions is just localized in English!

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