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Translate Photoshop Actions with the help of the "ATN Action Translator"

by Kyrsoft on 02 Jan 2012 with Comments

Over the past days I had to adapt a bunch of english third party Photoshop Actions, which I wanted to use for quick turnarounds in a German Photoshop Elements version, but performing all the needed language translations in Photoshop CS or a HEX editor is a painful slow and time consuming job. So I thought it might be better to build some sort of assistant tool which helps me to do this sort of work in a better manner.

Well, the result of these thoughts is a little Java-based tool which I've named the ATN Action Translator. With the help of this tool it's now much easier to perform and manage the needed search and replace strings inside of Photoshop Actions, in order to localize those Actions for non-English Photoshop and Photoshop Elements versions.

The ATN Action Translator tool has a little build-in search and replace string editor, which I've named "rule editor" ...

... it allows to create, change, save and load a table of search and replace strings for language translation of individual Photoshop Actions.

If you like and have a need for it, you can give the ATN Action Translator a try and download it here ...

File Size Date
1.3 MB

NOTE however that the UI (user interface) and help system of this Java-based tool is actually just localized in German and English language and that you will need at least a installed Java 6 Runtime Environment on your Windows or Apple computer, in order to run this tool. - Note further that this tool is still in alpha stage!

(DE) Regeln zur Übersetzung für Photoshop Aktionen mit dem ATN Action Translator erstellen The hassles with foreign language Photoshop Actions
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