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ATN Action Translator - OS X v1.1 released

by Kyrsoft on 26 Jul 2017 with Comments

There is an update for the native Mac OS X version of the ATN Action Translator available. This version 1.1 has now been (re)written entirely in Swift. The previous OS X version was instead more a mixed-language program tryout, where only the program's frontend UI part was Swift related and the backend code was ObjC based.

The ATN Action Translator - OS X version offers the same features and usability as it's Java-based counterpart, but instead runs as a native executable on OS X El Capitan systems, without the need of a Java runtime system.

  • The ATN Action Translator - OS X executable and it's resources have been build on a Mac OS X El Capitan system.
  • This ATN Action Translator - OS X version UI is localized for German and English languages.
  • There is a little default example english-to-german rule file embedded inside the rule editor, which can be used as a starting template for your own customized rule files.
  • Installation: Just extract the whole folder contents of the distribution ZIP-file to a desired place on your Mac computer (usually /Applications) . Make sure you have OS X El Capitan or newer installed on your Mac computer and then run the application.
  • To uninstall: Just remove/delete the whole initially extracted folder from your Mac computer.

If you like and have a need for it, you can give the ATN Action Translator - OS X a try and download it here ...

File Size Date
3.1 MB

NOTE: That the UI (user interface) of this OS X based tool is actually just localized for the German and English languages and that you might need to have an installed actual OS X El Capitan on your Mac computer, in order to run this tool!

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