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ATN Action Translator v1.2 released

by Kyrsoft on 07 Aug 2017 with Comments

The Java based ATN Action Translator has been updated to v1.2.

The rule file parser of the ATN Action Translator has been slightly reworked, when it detects rule lines with empty field entries during read in, those are overstepped. If rule lines are starting with bool flags of 1 or 0 instead of true and false, these are accepted now too, in order to be able to read and reuse also rule files created with the OSX translator version.

The ATN Action Translator now checks and warns during it's processing runtime, if a passed over rule file might be sort of empty, ie. might possibly contain only disabled row entries inside a given rule file.

If the program encounters such a rule file, where all rows are disabled, it will show up a corresponding warning dialog and always refuse to start the main ATN file translation processing...

...until it is passed over a rule file with some enabled/activated rules inside.

  • Also made some changes to the load and save file chooser dialogs, so these should hopefully remember and preserve now their last time used directory path locations.
  • Further there is now an example english-to-german rule file included inside the distribution package, which can be used as a template for your own customized rule files.

If you like and have a need for it, you can give the ATN Action Translator a try and download it here ...

File Size Date
1.3 MB

NOTE: However that the UI (user interface) and help system of this Java-based tool is actually just localized in German and English languages and that you will need at least an installed Java 8 Runtime Environment on your Windows or Apple computer, in order to run this tool!

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