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Tutorial (EN): How to translate an English PSE Action with the ATN Action Translator

by Kyrsoft on 27 Jul 2015 with Comments

For this example I will use an English Photoshop Elements Action from The CoffeeShop Blog named CoffeeShop Lilac Frost.atn.

If you take this English localized action as is and load it for example into a German PSE 12 version, then you can see immediately in the PSE Actions window, that there are some default PSE English layer names used, which in turn will then make some problems during the actions execution runtime.

If you do run this action in a German PSE version, you will get the obligatory PSE warning messages, as far as a step with an default English PSE layer naming is executed.

In the following we want to translate now this English PSE action with the ATN Action Translator and thus adjust it accordingly for the usage with a German PSE version.

1 Step: Start of the ATN Action Translator

In order to run the ATN Action Translator we will need an pre-installed Java JRE runtime environment on the computer (Windows PC or MAC). If a Java JRE is installed, you can then usually start the ATN Action Translator with a simple double click on the ATN-ActionTranslator.jar file. If this should not work, you can instead also try to type inside a Windows- or Unix commandshell, in the directory (folder) where the JAR-file resides, the command...

java -jar ATN-ActionTranslator.jar

...whereupon the ATN Action Translator should start.

2 Step: Loading the Action and creating translation rules

If the ATN Action Translator has startet, we can simply drag'n'drop the English CoffeeShop Lilac Frost.atn Action, we want to translate or adapt, onto the top and lowermost ATN-file drop areas.

Alternatively you can instead also use the Select ATN File... and Save ATN As... buttons for choosing the respective .atn files, but the former is much faster. If we now use here the exact same action name also for storing/saving the custom translated action, the initial loaded English action file will be first renamed automatically by the program into a backup file.

Now it is time to apply the needed translation rules by using the Rule Editor. As we initially have seen, when loading and running the English action, we must translate the following English layer names into their German counterparts:

  • Background
  • Layer 1
  • Color Fill 1 copy 2
  • Color Fill 1 copy
  • Color Fill 1
  • Layer 2

For this we start the Rule Editor using the Edit Rule ... button and create some translation rules.

Instead to translate the layer names 1 to 1 in rules, we will optimize the rules instead, this saves us then one or two rule translation lines and is therefore more efficient. Our translation rules for adjusting the action will then look as follows:

Nr # Search Replace
1 [X] Color Fill Farbfüllung
2 [X] copy Kopie
3 [X] Layer Ebene
4 [X] Background Hintergrund

We now save the rules into a...


...rule file, where the name of the rule file can be freely selected up to their .rul extension and then load the rules file we just newly created again in the ATN Action Translator. The loading of the rules file can be carried out again via drag'n'drop, but this time onto the middle Rule drop area. Alternatively you can also use the Select Rule File ... button for loading the rule file.

3 Step: Translate and then test the action

After the action and the rule file you created are loaded, you can start the translation process for the action. During this processing all the English layer names in the Action file will be searched and replaced in sequence, according to the established translation rules inside the given rule file. At the end we have a translated, Germanized PSE action.

Afterwards we can then load the new adapted Action again into Photoshop Elements and execute this translated Action. Inside the PSE 12 Actions window we can now see the translation adjustments we made. After the adjustments, the action runs now without errors inside PSE and does what it should.

Here enclosed is the CoffeeShop Lilac Frost.rul rule file, which you can use for the used example action.

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